About Me

Hi I´m Toni

Since I was a kid I always enjoyed drawing and I was okay at it but I never knew how to make a living from it until the tattoo world presented itself to me and I decided to give it a shot. Now after tattooing for nearly 7 years I can say I have made the right decision because I love my job and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

During these past 7 years I have experimented with different tattoo styles,but I was never able to do just one, because I like so many and I want to learn how to master them all. I have worked in many studios and I’ve had good and bad experiences but the best experience was definitely being able to work in Scotland for years and focus on bigger pieces and realism, also I have met very nice people and made great friends.

Anime is a big part of my childhood and teenage years and you can see that in my work, I do loads of anime tattoos and I really enjoy doing them but lately realism has started to be a very important part of my career and I enjoy it more everyday.